Hello! My name is Denise Meyer and I have a degree is Paralegal Studies and have been fortunate to have worked for some of Southern Oregon's most prestigious law firms, which has given me vast experience and knowledge in document preparation. You make the decisions and I will complete the documents you want accurately and professionally, but without the expense of an attorney.  

      On a more personal note, I love hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, sailing,  gardening, etc.  Basically, I love the outdoors, which makes Oregon a  perfect choice for me to live. I am originally from Nebraska and cannot  get enough of the mountain views that Oregon offers.       

     I provide a personal, virtual (online and remote)  legal document preparation service to individuals looking to represent  themselves offering you timely, affordable, and compassionate support.

Don't wait another minute. Contact me today!

* Denise Meyer is NOT an attorney and cannot give legal advice.


Why Choose People Paralegal?


*  People Paralegal will have your documents drafted by an experienced paralegal.

​​*  People Paralegal utilizes Oregon’s e-filing system and can electronically file your documents for you! 

* Flat rate document preparation fees so you'll know up front how much to expect your total costs will be -  no surprises.

* All you need to do is contact us and complete a simple questionnaire.   We do the rest!